About Me

Hi Beautiful Soul, I'm Dymma

I was a victim of emotional abuse, depression and low self esteem.
My life seemed backward, because I always feel like I’m always left out.
Sometimes the thought of not wanting to be alive slips in and out. What’s there to live for?
I struggled. I wanted peace, joy, happiness and breakthrough.
2017, I started my journey to forgive myself, let go  of the past and heal mentally.
So far, it’s been an amazing journey, and I’ll gladly love to share them with you, so that you too can find the happiness, peace and confidence you desire.

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Emotional Childhood Abuse renders a long lasting  damage to our mental health and how we view ourselves but recovery is super possible. I did it, you too can.

Your basic tips to kickstart your healing process

How to make your Mental Health a priority after a long suffering from emotional childhood abuse

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I am looking forwarding to making more friends here on Recovering Mentally… If you don’t mind too?