Simple Self Care

One of the quick ways to faster emotional healing is taking care of yourself physically to a more relaxed mind. Because we’ve been so busy nurturing pain and hurt that we forget to take care of ourselves.

After making healing my priority, I realized the importance of actual self-care which might seem so ordinary but has the power to make you live a better life.

So, I preach self-love and care, reminding you that you are your only best friend, and importance of not loosing yourself in the noisiness of all the events and activities of life.

Let me ask, when was the last time you took some time off for yourself? When last did you read a nice book? Treated “yourself” to your favorite coffee? Got a full night‘s sleep? Or take time to treat yourself to a really nice place for dinner? Let me guess, you’re so busy noticing other people that you always put yourself last and sometimes never on the list?

Practicing self-care is simply reminding yourself that “YOU ARE IMPORTANT” is an essential part of life that can help you heal faster, make you more alive, upbeat, and true with so many life’s setbacks and obstacles. It has proven effective to your overall well-being; boosts your self-confidence, refreshes your mind, and reduces stress.

So don’t feel guilty carving out time to care for yourself. It’s not selfish wanting to be healthy, nor making your health a priority. You’ll need to take care of yourself and be healthy if you want to care for others.

Self-care practice is different for each person and can be different from day-to-day. The best part is understanding what works for you and maintaining a regular self-care routine.

To prevent burnout, we need to nurture the health of our body, mind and soul; we need a bit of regular self-care routine.

Remember the very thing about self-care is that, it works well when you choose to do it, you’ll need to see a reason to love yourself and need to care for yourself. It will not happen like magic, you’ll need to intentionally make time for it, but like always the reward is always worth the effort.

Here are my Easy-go Feel Better Self Care Routine

1. Simplify my Schedule

Before I go to bed, I make sure I list out my morning to-do list, because I can be little bit forgetful. To curb that habit, I make list and memorize them before I go to bed. With so many things to always do, and can really make me over-committed to burn out faster. I often take time to ask myself which relationship and activities are truly adding value to my life, and I’ll intentionally make out time for it.

Take out a bit of time and go through your schedule, tick out the needful things to do and strike out irrelevant activities. Be sure to be thorough on this, because for you to have scheduled it, it must have being considered important.

2. Energize your body

Waking up, I don’t rush to eat, I try to energize my body, not that I’m fit-nerd

I just find the kinks and tension spots in my body and stretch them out or a quick jump. And after that, I love the way I feel noticing my heart beat, reminds me I’m alive.

Depends on what you like for yourself, practice some relaxation techniques (like yoga if it’s your thing) and a bit of mindful breathing exercise can help to calm your sense and give you the relief you’ll need. Meditation, other forms of exercise or guided relaxation can also be a substitute if you’re not into yoga.

3. Say Some Daily Affirmations

Do you write down affirmations or some positive quotes for the day? Then whenever you wake up, just say your daily affirmations; make it a bit louder so your soul too can hear it and scare away those negative grinmo voices. This always prepares your mind to do what you think you can’t do and prepares you for the daily task ahead. It’s OK if you don’t have any yet, I might just have one for you here.

4. Take a Foot Bath

On this lock-down, I discovered another self-care that gives instant relief – A Foot-bath. Just my feet inside warm water strengthens my sore legs.

You can make it extra special with these amazing bath essential oils to make some beautiful bubbles. You can get one Amazon or you can create one for yourself.

5. Take Vitamins

Are you one of those that think what you eat is just so enough for you and you don’t need vitamins? I used to think so too. Sometime ago I found out I was depleted of Vitamin B. Ok, that’s because they’re not on my to-do list, but now I’m taking it and keeping it in mind to regularly get them replaced. Some dose of vitamin-B, calcium, and multivitamin is on a regular basis will do you lots of good.

6. De-clutter

De-cluttering is one of the simplest and easiest self-care practices. This spurs creativity, good mood and self-achievement, triggering some happy moments. So, take a pick—your email inbox, your working-desk, your closet or room and get rid of excess junk.

My room is always my favorite and starting point, having a messy bed or room being messy can really make me feel overwhelmed and scattered especially if you work from your home (an all-day feeling I really don’t appreciate). I just start by shifting the whole room energy by making my bed, this could be just a simple change but it makes an amazing difference.

7. Eat A Balanced Diet

I love to cook, discovering, and trying out recipes is just one of my favorite habits. But, Nigerian food is more of high carbs- yam, rice, cassava, and eating a balanced diet is a struggle. But I try to meet up with my body demand for a balanced diet to stay healthy.

But hey, that doesn’t mean if you want some chocolates, you should ignore that. Go buy some chocolates and eat, that’s also caring for yourself and your needs. Just try to keep your junk food minimal.

8. Keep a Gratitude Journal

What are you grateful for? It’s time to start writing them down.  Remind yourself about your wins and breakthroughs no matter how tiny or small they might sound or look.

When I keep a gratitude journal, it’s always a happy ending to my evening self-care rituals. I’m always happy, contented and grateful to all I have, who I am and who I’ll become.

9. Get Enough Sleep

This could be a tough one, but I make sure I sleep well enough. I give myself at least 6-8hours night sleep and I totally don’t regret it.

Dang, your body need to rest. Aren’t you tired already? You wake up; you hurry out and of course to work or keep up with some other things and still deny yourself that night sleep. This is the important part of self-care, Just rest. You need it. Maintaining a regular sleep cycle can boost memory and increase concentration.

Getting adequate sleep is proven to be crucial not just for your physical health but also your mental health. Sometime you can make it sabbatical and just give your body some rest to rejuvenate and recover.

If these are all overwhelming to practice at once, you can choose which to go and stick to, the fact is to maintain a sane and beautiful life.

You got this!

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